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Pregnant house , Libra Street , Hanseatic city of Lüneburg , Lüneburg Heath , Lower Saxony, Germany ,

Google translation : A phenomenon in some historic houses of the old Hanseatic city of Lüneburg is called the belly have to get their walls. Pictured here is the \ His appearance is due to the fact that the building was used as a building stone of calcined gypsum and gypsum mortar for grouting of Lüneburg limestone . The latter should better be called gypsum mine . Since the time of the creation of the building construction industry boomed in the Hanseatic city had the brick kilns effort to comply to the high demand of bricks . To save time , the bricks were fired at a higher temperature . The plaster was fired for too long , he is \ The bulge was favored by the weight of the upper floors . Next door is the birthplace of composer Johann Abraham Peter Schulz . To him we owe tunes such as \ There are several such baggy houses in Lüneburg , to be seen in the panoramic \ It was named in 1466 for the first time in records from 1480 it belonged to the patrician Hermen Bardowick . Owners were thereafter until the middle of the 17th Century, various Sülfmeister . Following wealthy noble families lived in it until 1868, the family of the current owners acquired the property . From 2006 to 2011, the building was renovated very complex.
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