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Hall, Luneburg, Luneburg Heath, Lower Saxony, Germany

Google translation: in 1230 the construction of the town hall Lüneburg begins rubble of gypsum quarry. It has constantly expanded as needed. The ensemble of individual buildings is therefore a witness of different eras. The court porch, the Prince's Hall, the old archive, the office and the mayor chamber are from the Gothic period. Renaissance belonging to the council chamber with their masterful woodwork is one of the greatest Renaissance halls in Germany. The facade and the market Huldigungssaal again originate Baroques. The City Council now consists of 259 rooms and contains some valuable historical interiors

Combing the wings of the Luneburg Town Hall is built in 1476 bis 1482nd Here is the view from Marienplatz. Inside are the in 1583, embellished by Warneke Burmester generous commission office and the Sodmeisterkörkammer. The latter took place in the choice of Sodmeister, the highest Saline officials. Today, the interior of the house, the city administration. It houses the city council and the mayor.
To date, the resulting 7 staffelige combing gable remained unchanged. He is a nice expression of brick Gothic art. In the niches of the pointed arch are figures. The pediment is a typical example of Gothic brick architecture.
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