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Monastery Liihe , Lüneburg Heath , Lower Saxony, Germany ,

Google translation : On the edge of Lüneburg in Lüneburg Heath is the monastery Liihe . Today's Protestant convent is a former Benidiktinerinnenkloster . It was founded in 1172 by Hildeswidis of Markboldestorp . The certificate of incorporation was issued by Bishop Hugo von Verden Verden. In the certificate of incorporation no confession of a monastic rule is defined , for this reason is to be assumed the form of a Kanonissenstiftes . It was not until the mid-14th Century is a complete acceptance of the Benedictine rules is documented . Was headed the monastery of the Abbess . With the introduction of the Reformation in the Principality of Lüneburg was at the behest of Duke Ernst the Confessor on 26 April 1528 for the first time the worship celebrated in German language . However, this was against the resistance of the nuns . In 1529 the provost goods of the ducal administration were assumed by a new certain sovereign Propst was used for the reaction to the Lutheran doctrines was ensured. But until full acceptance of the new doctrine , it was not until the year 1562nd The orthodox nuns contributed considerable resistance. In 1711, prompted Duke Georg -Ludwig the conversion of the monastery in a Protestant convent . The primary goal of the monastery was now the supply of unmarried daughters of Lüneburg landed gentry.
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