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Salzmuseum , Lüneburg , Niedersachsen, Deutschland

Google Translater: Lüneburg is a town in the north of the salt . Over 1000 years the salt determined the life of the city . It made her rich and powerful. In 1980, the first salt plant , one of Europe's oldest and largest industrial companies, opened its doors. Since then, the German Salt Museum / Industrial Monument Luneburg Saline reminiscent of its glorious past. Facts , interesting , exciting and also curiosities about \ The museum does not keep its distance , it is upsetting . Affected by the fascinating world of salt that surrounds us every day though , but that is rarely aware of us . Always changing exhibitions extend the offer by the German Salt Museum at Lüneburg. It is shown as a permanent exhibition as one has lived to 50 years in Lüneburg. \ The rooms decorated faithfully as built in the 50's after . opening times\n
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