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Stintmarkt , Hanseatic city of Lueneburg , Lower Saxony, Germany ,

Google translation : There, where today Lüneburg largest contiguous bar district was in the Middle Ages Stintmarkt . Here fish from river Elbe and Ilmenau , especially smelt were transhipped directly at the Ilmenau. The smelt is a small , herring -like fish which was very popular in the Middle Ages is now becoming increasingly popular . The old crane was formerly used for loading and unloading of ships. The fishermen could sell directly opposite the boat landing your catch. Only after the Second World War, this fish market was stopped and the houses found another use . Until the beginning of the 20th century Ewer transport the Lüneburg salt over the rivers to Hamburg and Lübeck. At that time, the waterway was cheaper and was considered safer. Today turned on warm summer days the old port area and the Norway market into a large open air plaza with a southern touch . Sitting on the river Ilmenau drinking his beer or in this cozy atmosphere and so many other refreshing drink.
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