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Bell House, Luneburg, Luneburg Heath, Lower Saxony, Germany

Google Translation: The "bell tower" in Lüneburg was built from 1482 to 1484 on the foundations of an older building with the same name. Probably because bells were cast, hence the name. Today's bell tower was used by the city of Lüneburg as an armory. Encamped here the equipment and weapons of the Lüneburg Defense Forces. In the winter months and in times of siege it was also used as a warehouse for grain and flour. At times it bore the name "Bussehus". The building measures 40 meters in length and 13 meters in width and up to the ridge is almost 20 meters high. It has three storeys and four attics and was for its time unusually large. It was for a long time one of the largest houses in the Hanseatic city. The beams inside are supported by huge stands and beams.
Today in the House Events take place. The farm is seating in the summer and is managed by the cafe opposite. In the middle of the square in 1977 is a work of art by Erich Brüggemann named "Luna-pillar".
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