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Water tower , Hanseatic city of Lüneburg , Lüneburg Heath , Lower Saxony, Germany

Google translation : Like a medieval knight tower rises the Lüneburg Water Tower over the roofs of the Hanseatic city. The water tower was built in 1905-1907 in the southeast of the old town of Lüneburg . With a still existing line drawing of the 1899 Come to Lüneburg former builder and now architect Franz Kugler applied to the contract for the construction of the water reservoir . With its turrets and battlements, the emerging pillars and its pointed arch windows of the water tower is quite in the spirit of the 19th Century was built . The Uenglinger gate was probably the model for the design of the facade . It served as the gate of the city , in the Altmark Stendal . The design of Franz Kruger may not reflect the state of the art technology for its time inside the tower . The 55 meter high tower is now the highest non - ecclesiastical building in downtown Lüneburg . It consists of a 18 square meter high pedestal . The elevated tank with its 500 m³ volume is walled by a circular central part . The upper part is supported by 16 massive pillars stabilizing , this was at least once restocked. The rim of the socket was designed from the outset as a viewing platform . The volume of the water reservoir quickly proved to be extremely tight , in 1913 gave the stock only for a morning out . The elevated tank , filter and defroster were designed by the Hamburg engineer Georg Bollmann . The water from the deep well pumps Council promoted the mill up to the roof of the tower. By contact with oxygen , the iron was precipitated . And through which seep through the sand filter , it had finally cleaned . The now clean drinking water was supplied with enough pressure , even in the water lines of the slightly more elevated residential areas. In 1986 the plant was decommissioned. Besides the water tank, the technique has been scrapped. Fortunately failed the planned demolition of the cost and the building was finally listed. 1997 - 2000 the tower was restored and is on full amount as a lookout available. An elevator takes visitors up to the 6 level of the building , go from here 20 steps to the viewing terrace. The upper floors of the tower are partially furnished as a museum . Next to the water tower , the architect Franz Kruger created a number of public buildings in Lüneburg. The former Heath railway station , the old no longer existing spa , the lodge house , two wings of the Museum of the Duchy of Lüneburg , the prioress house in Liihe monastery, the former government building and the school in fury .
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