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Council Library, Hanseatic city of Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, Germany

Google Translation: The Library Council of the Hanseatic city of Lüneburg is over 600 years old. At the beginning she was in the hall where it was established as "the wheel liberie". After 1555 the Franciscan monastery was already founded in 1235 Lüneburg canceled they took together with the library of the Franciscan and brought them under in the former convent building. For several centuries, the library was the collection point for other libraries in the city. Also, the city could increase their holdings through donations Lüneburg patrician families, physicians and pharmacists. On the ground floor there is a well-preserved Gothic hall with vaulted ceilings. This is where the fiction department and the accounting area of today's archive.
A part of the cloister is also preserved through an armored glass door you can see inside. Here are the 796 manuscripts and 1131 incunabula and 20,000 prints from the 16th to 18 Century the library kept safe. The collection also has about 15,000 volumes from the 19th Century.
The former Pfarrwitwenhaus apartments in the courtyard are now used by the children and youth library of the Hanseatic city of Lüneburg. Today's Council Library offers your readers a diverse selection of books, magazines and newspapers, audio books, CDs and DVDs from all areas. It is located on the Marienplatz and houses over 160 000 media for adults

Combing the wings of the Luneburg Town Hall is built in 1476 bis 1482nd Inside are the in 1583, embellished by Warneke Burmester generous commission office and the Sodmeisterkörkammer. The latter took place in the choice of Sodmeister, the highest Saline officials. To date, the resulting 7 staffelige combing gable remained unchanged. He is a nice expression of brick Gothic art. In the niches of the pointed arch are figures.
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