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Dom St. Peter und Paul Bardowick, Lüneburg, Niedersachsen, Germany

Google Translate : The Cathedral of St. Bardowick Peter and Paul is about 50km from Hamburg and was built in 1389-1485 in a small suburb of Bardo in Lower Wick . The three-nave Gothic architecture with its octagonal towers originally belonged to a cell of the monastery Amorbach mission . Since 1850, the carrier is from the cathedral to the Monastery Bardowick Hanover Chamber . Facilities include , among other things , the bronze baptismal font. It is dated 1367 and probably Lüneburg origin. The four supporting figures stand on a ring. The boiler shows Christ and Holy semi plastically in an architectural frieze , including engraved medallions. The altar was restored in 1430 in a famous workshop. It shows the Virgin Mary with your child , and the twelve apostles. 6 other male and female saints are arranged in the wings . Organ was of the firm Alexander Schuke from Potsdam newly built and inaugurated on 15.01.2012 . It has a major work , a breast work, a top drive and a bass pedal for different variations. The first organ was in the year 1322.
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